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Dear Guest,

Welcome to the e-Breakfast service offered to you by Via Villa Iliotti in cooperation with EJ IItalian Bistro, in order to provide you with Breakfast in your room.

Please choose the number of people staying in your room, fill in the form and press the submit button.

We will be very happy to deliver your breakfast to your room.

Some useful tips and information:

  • You may choose between breakfast served at your room or breakfast at the EJ Italian Bistro (details below)
  • In both cases, you will need to hand over the voucher given to you, upon registration.
  • Each guest is entitled to a specific breakfast order. Any extra orders or alterations will be charged and paid upon delivery or on site.
  • Please do not forget to provide with details on your order, any extra items, or details that we need to know, in the comments area.