2022 AwardsThe Procedure


Best in Rhodes are aiming to outline what the rhodian audience considers the best, based on the most refined methodology

For each of each Topics, a voting procedure will take place featuring unique standards and characteristics:

  • Open, public voting procedure in both Greek and English
  • Open type questionaire
  • Identification of candidates based on the open submissions by an Executive Committee
  • In each category, the top 5 choices are elected, having receive at least 5% of the valid votes.
  • To first among the top choices will be attributed as Best, if it receives at least 25% of the total valid votes!

Quality Assurance

To provide with a valid result, there are various safeguards in place, including:

  • Access to the questioniaire is only possible with a Google Account, securing that each account owner will vote once and also it will be possible for him/her to maintain its anonimity.
  • Not all winning places are attributed.
  • Only ballots with at least three valid votes are counted to the final result
  • The Executive Committee may declare the procedure void for certain categories, if the volume of valid votes is not satisfactory.

Terms & Conditiona of the Procedure

Currently voting for

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